It all started with the request of Sarawak Home Mission Board through MBC to starting SYM program in Kuching in 2011. After starting it, SYMers made a mission trip to Sarawak through Christ Baptist Church to interior part and adopted a longhouse in Lubuk Nibong. We saw the need for setting up a kindergarten in that village and partnered with CBC to plant a Kindergarten. Through this, many families who were pagans before came to know Christ. Besides doing this, we began to help the longhouse with their construction work of the longhouse and that has touched the heart of the head man. We make 2 trips per year with one by SYMers and one by the Seniors Group. Pr. Palan and sis. Surya mentor graduates of SYM Sarawak who have a call into ministry by monthly in Kuching Sarawak.