Frontliners Nepal

Frontliners Nepal was formed in the year 2005 by Pr Palan Ramasamy after 2 years leaders training conducted in Nepal. The training was conducted in 3 regions and a total of 97 people graduated from this 2 years program. 12 young leaders were selected to start Frontliners Nepal. Anil Shahi was the first staff of Frontlines Nepal.  Today we have 6 paid staff and 2 tentmakers. 3 others have left to Korea and New Zealand and serving among Nepalese in those countries.

Frontliners work in 5 fields:

  • Mobile leadership training — for rural leaders in the western region.
  • Church planting – 47 churches have been planted and church planters raised.
  • Worship training
  • Social work – relief work, school upgrading, and sports organizers
  • Media – apostle radio station

Frontliners Nepal future plans:

  • Working with returnees from Malaysia and other parts.
  • Church planting in western Nepal
  • Income generation projects… for church planters and returnees

As a young team going to Nepal for 10 days, there were a few areas worries us:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Motion sickness
  3. Availability of tolerable toilet conditions.

For me, my only worry was tiredness as my attention span will reduce drastically. Knowing that being in Pastor’s team, we needed to be alert and ready; I brought my own coffee powder which is soluble in any water temperature

For the first few mornings, I would drink up one cup of coffee. However, after the 4th day, I had to skip it due to the busy schedule. I was amazed that although we had to wake up 5 am, travel, and had ministry the whole day, I wasn’t tired at all. I felt more refreshed and energized. This is mind-blowing because back in Penang, I wouldn’t be able to survive my day without a cup of coffee.

This made me realized that we create reasons that we use to justify why we cannot give our 100%. We create our own bondage. We forget that Jesus says He will give us strength when we feel weak or weary. If only we would just focus on Him.

As this hymn says

        Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

        Look full in His wonderful face,

        And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim

        in the light of His Glory and Grace.

After the mission trip, my dependence on strength is not on coffee. Whenever I’m tired, my immediate action is to go straight to Jesus. He answers my prayers every time.

I would encourage everyone to at least go for a mission trip because God will surely reveal something into your life that you may not know of.

Nepali Sangati

Reaching out to the Nepalese at Air Itam, Paya Terubong, Relau and Batu Maung area to share the love of Christ.

Under the partnership of LPN churches and YWAM in reaching to migrant workers, RGBC adopted the work by having a core team who works alongside the Nepalese fulltime workers, Bro. Kishor and Bro. Rabin to plan and involve the church in outreach activities such as medical camps, visitations, joining in their home fellowship and organizing picnics and festive celebrations. The church through Life Groups is scheduled to preach the Word, share testimonies in the Nepali Sangati once a month.


Contributions can be made thru RGBC Account:

Maybank 007125207930

designated to Nepali Sangati Ministry