It all started in year 2002 with Pr. Fendi being seconded over from Sabah Mission Convention to setup OA ministry, a call by David Sheddan with 3 partnering churches of GBC, RGBC and FPBC. PBC joined this partnership since 2013 focusing on supporting pastors and pastors’ family. Gerik OA ministry covers from Gerik to Southern up to end of Banding Lake and Eastern to Lawin. Kentak/Batu 11 is located between Gerik and Banding Lake. Within the lake, it’s divided into upper and lower part and Kembok is the virtual boundary. Kembok is the first village who came to know Christ and has produced many leaders including Pr. Azmi and his sister. To-date, we have 15 main villages covered by the respective pastors namely:

Ahmad and Rohani Beyond KembokLalok, Salui, Talut & Badak
Azmi Before KembokKembok, Carik, Ragak & Kelian
Sylvester Gerik to Banding LakeLawin, Kentak, Kelap, Selauk & Gerik
AdihBeyond KembokRalak & Pinsok
AsifGerik to JeliLawin, Kentak, Gerik, Selauk & Kelap

We found that the above villages are ready and it’s time to move on to new grounds heading towards Kelantan and Terengganu for the next few years to come. Towards the above villages, ministries would involve:

  • Visitations by the respective pastors on week days with short mini services
  • Social need support such as Water pipe installations in Selauk and Kelap. Maintenance of water pipes in existing villages. Rubber Trees Plantation, toilet building and maintenance
  • Assisted Assimilation Education Program to children in lake villages
  • Encouragement to the pastors and villages spiritually during trips

Some typical contributions would be:

  • Food or the children who attends education classes
  • Collection of Sarung, “Adidas” kampong and books for Children, and suitable clothing for village use such as T-shirts, pants, etc.